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Experience the dynamic teaching ministry of Pastor Sunday Adelaja! Pastor Sunday's teachings have gone literally around the world, blessing hundreds of thousands of Christians, if not more. After just 8 years of ministry, 1994-2002, more than a million salvations were recorded through the Embassy of God church in Kiev.

An apostolic anointing has enabled Pastor Sunday and his team to plant more than 600 churches in 45 countries. His heart's desire was also to train 5000 leaders who now continue this work in these different parts of the world.

In 2004, political upheavel in Ukraine came to a head in the presidential election where fraud and dirty politics were rampant. Pastor Sunday is recognized as an influencing factor in the political change that followed, called the Orange Revolution.

Pastor Sunday founded CHURCHSHIFT, the movement to help SHIFT the Church worldwide to equip the saints for societal transformation and take back nations for the Kingdom of God. As goes the Church, so goes the nation!

Pastor Sunday is not only an international speaker and pastor of the largest church in Europe, he is also a loving husband to Bose Adelaja and the responsible and happy father of three children a son, Perez, and two daughters, Zoe and Pearl.

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Church Shift: Revolutionizing Your Faith, Church, and Life for the 21st Century By age 33, Pastor Sunday had built the largest evangelical church in Europe. At age 38, he helped win Ukraine's democracy through the Orange Revolution. At age 40, Pastor Sunday's greatest burden is to mobilize 10,000 churches in the United States and 100,000 churches worldwide that will SHIFT how church is done in the 21st Century to bring national transformation. Order from

Pastoring Without Tears
Is it a possibility to be a minister without tears and sorrow? Listen to the man whom God has used to build the largest church in Europe in a period of 10 years. Yet Pastor Sunday Adelaja, the Senior Pastor of Embassy of God says it's all without tears. Read the secret of his success in this incredible book, which is a must read for all ministers of God everywhere. 305 Pages Order Here

Victorious Despite The Devil
The path from salvation to a successful Christian life is filled with spiritual battles and wilderness disillusionments. If we endure and overcome all these, then we can boldly say we have become more than conquerors through Jesus Christ. This book has been written to help you, by revelation of God's Word, to live a victorious life and possess your promised land. 120 Pages Order Here

The Jesus You Never Knew
I am convinced that this book is a must read for contemporary Christians. It seems to us that we know a lot about God, about Jesus, about the Bible. However, we do not know Jesus as a person. I consider this book as the most important among the books that I have written, and undoubtedly, one of the most needed for modern day Christians. It is not enough just to hear about God. The time has come when we need to know Him in real life. 115 Pages Order Here

You and Your Pastor
Christians often misunderstand the area of relationships in the body of Christ and lose many blessings. By teaching the church to acknowledge, appreciate and rightly receive the governmental gifts that Christ gave the church, every Christian and local church can enjoy a greater dimension of anointing and blessing. 101 Pages Order Here

The Man God Will Use
The question of having a successful ministry is a concern of many Christians, who have devoted their live to Jesus Christ. While reading a book, you will discover some vital secrets necessary for constant growth in the ministry. 101 Pages Order Here

The Road To Greatness
Behind every big success story there is a secret. However, the secrets of success are only revealed to those who are truly successful, of which our Lord Jesus Christ is the most successful. In this book I would like to tell you about the secrets behind His life. As you read you will find out truths that will make you happy and productive. You will receive the opportunity to become a man or woman of great destiny! 102 Pages Order Here

Understanding God
Understanding God is the most essential part of our ralationship with Him. This is what brings quality into the life of a person. How can one learn that understanding? You will find out as you read this book. 115 Pages Order Here

The Whole World Is Waiting
This book is about the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ. After you have read this book, you will not be able to remain indifferent. It will most certainly touch your heart! The power of the Holy Spirit will change your understanding of the role you have in the salvation of this world. The whole world is waiting expectantly for the revealing of the sons and daughters of God. Order Here

Kings And Judges
This book - is a prophetic revelation about the future of the church and about the destiny of every one of us. We have not come into this world to be observers from the sidelines. Our purpose was determined by God, even before our birth: we are Kings and Judges of this earth, called to have dominion over this earth. I believe that this book will help you realize your greatness and open new paths to perfection and the fulfillment of your calling. 160 Pages Order Here

Living Sexually Free
This book unravels the mistery of how a person can live in victory over the sins of fornication, adultery and other sexual sins. It outlines a strategy for victory over these sins and equips the reader with the knowledge of the truth that is able to lead to genuine freedom. Order Here

Successful Marriage Takes Work
This best seller in Russia & Ukraine is now available to the English speaking world. Pastor Sunday answers these questions: How do you build a successful family? Is it possible to be happy in marriage? What does it mean to have a godly spouse? This book will be a blessing to all married couples and those anticipating to join their lives in Holy Matrimony. 83 Pages Order Here

Life and Death in the Power of the Tongue
Read this book and you will recognize the power that your words have in your life and the lives of others. Your words are the key to success, happiness and healthy relationships. Find out how your words form your life and create the foundation for your future. 90 Pages Order Here

Other Authors Connected to Pastor Sunday and the Embassy of God

Role of the Businessman in the Kingdom of God - by David Tinney
Forward by Pastor Sunday Adelaja. This is the sequal to his first book, Don't be Afraid To Start Your Business. David takes a fresh look at the purpose of the businessman, defines how positive relationships in the workplace increase profits and gives practical advice how to be free from a poverty spirit. Recommended by Pastor Sunday Adelaja. This is an eBook in .pdf format, INSTANT DOWNLOAD. Order Here

Don't Be Afraid To Start Your Business - by David Tinney
Forward by Pastor Sunday Adelaja. This is the book that has helped thousands of Russian speaking people start their own business. Principles of success are clearly defined and practical marketing skills are revealed to help the business owner achieve success. In Russian Language, Recommended by Pastor Sunday Adelaja. 80 Pages Order Here

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